Yantai TiBright Welding Materials Co., Ltd.


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Address: Qingdao Rd. Taocun Industry Park, Qixia, Yantai, Shandong, China
Tel : 86-0535-2160017
Wechat : 15098651010
Mail : info@TiBright.com


        With hundreds of products in our product library, TiBright is a professional developer and international supplier of inclusive brazing materials, equipment, and consultant.
        One highlight of our services is that we provide customized products specially designed for specific customers. We have a lot of successful cases in which the customers had the products suitable for their own procedures, environment and operation routines perfectly.
        We also provide entire brazing solution for customers to solve all the problems related to brazing process. We provide consultant for customers with complicated applications and innovative demand.
         About sixty percent of our equipment and devices are designed and crafted in our own machine workshop, which engaged us the ability of prompt reaction towards new updates from customers. We also produce specially designed brazing tools and machines. We often develop products together with our customers for their individual needs.